I was born in a small town in Poland in 1983.

I moved to United Kingdom along with my husband in 2006. Together, we settled down and started a family.

I am a mother to three beautiful children: Olivia, Peter, and Ellie-Marie.

My photography journey started totally by coincidence.

My whole life, the only way I was taking photographs of my children, was on my phone. Summertime 2014, we went to Poland to baptise our two children. I knew that this time my phone was not going to be enough. I decided that we needed a more professional camera to capture this special event. 
We purchased a Nikon bridge camera. At that time, I had no photography background nor knowledge, so this basic kit was enough for me.
That holiday, I was photographing my children like never before. I enjoyed it so much that I knew it was something I wanted to learn and do from that moment onward.
Photography became my second love and passion, right after my family.

From the very beginning, children’s portraiture became my favorite genre of photography.

I instantly knew how to connect with kids. I was able to make them feel relaxed and focused during our sessions.

That helped me build my Fine Art Children Portraiture Portfolio and established my name in the photography world.

For the last six years, I have been on a thrilling journey.

I have managed to develop my unique editing style as well as perfect my lighting skills.
Because photography is my job and my passion, I push myself extremely hard to be the very best I can. As a result, I also managed to grow my photography training business.


People describe my photography style as captivating, striking, dramatic, graceful and timeless.

I love creating images that evoke emotions. I believe that photography is a message connecting the spirituality with the reality. When my models look into the camera, I feel like by taking the image, I can capture their soul.

To create my portraits I use both sources of light – natural as well as studio one ( Godox, and Profoto ). I love playing with light and shadows.

Styling and accessories are very important for me because attention to the detail is part of my unique style.

I am a Nikon user: currently using Nikon D810, D850 and D5. My favourite lenses are Nikon 105mm and Nikon 58mm, but I also own Sigma art 35mm, Sigma Art 50mm, Sigma art 85mm, and Sigma art 135mm. 

From the very beginning, I was drawn to painterly pictures, moody scenery and deep, and rich tones.

My parents used to run an antique restoration shop in Poland, so for most of my childhood I was surrounded by baroque furniture and Victorian style paintings.

I think,  it was so deep-rooted in me that without even realising, elements of that style started appearing in my photography.

It was just a matter of time, before all these influences came together and I created my unique painterly style.



I have won many highly coveted International Awards and professional photography titles that make me very proud, honoured and humbled.

Visit my Awards page for more details.


My beautiful studio is based in Kettering, Northamptonshire – conveniently located short distance from Peterborough, Northampton, Leicester, Birmingham and London.

I am incredibly proud of my working space, especially my beautiful wall art display. Each element of my studio was chosen very carefully.  Modern elements are mixed with soulful antiques to showcase my style and personality. 


Please visit my WORKSHOPS and TUTORIALS page for my photography training offers or get in touch if you wish to book a private photoshoot. Read more about the photoshoot experience, reveal appointment and pricing.

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