My name is Paulina Duczman.
I am an Internationally renowned and multi-award winning family portrait photographer.
Photography is my biggest passion. I love creating timeless, unique, and exceptional fine art portrait galleries.
My ultimate goal is to deliver a five-star photoshoot experience tailored precisely to my client’s needs.
As an experienced professional in posing, I always guide my clients to help them look their best.
As a result, the finished galleries are filled with expressive images that not only celebrate the family bond
but also reflect the unique personality of each family member.

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My beautiful and spacious Kettering based photography studio is full of character. Unique architecture fills the studio with gorgeous ambient light, while the classic interior creates a relaxed atmosphere.
Great East-Midlands location allows my clients to travel comfortably from cities like Northampton, Peterborough, Milton Keynes, Leicester, Birmingham, and beyond.

For the full studio address, map & directions, opening hours and contact information please visit our contact us page.

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