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Your family is a unit unlike any other. Nobody can replace the unique bond you share with each other, a feeling of warmth, safety, and complete and unconditional love.

As your children grow, your family changes. In the blink of an eye, tiny babies become towering teens, and so many of those precious family moments are left forgotten. As a mother, I know just how hectic life can be. Often, the parents are left behind the lens, capturing pictures here and there wherever they can.

Family Photoshoot photography sessions are designed to press pause on everyday stresses and strains. They invite you to come together to celebrate the beauty of your family, capturing the timeless bond you all share with breathtaking images that you’ll treasure forever.

Take a moment and enjoy uninterrupted time with just you and your family, expertly captured to create beautiful, bespoke memories that will stay with you, close to your heart.

What is a family photoshoot ?

The hustle and bustle of the outside world melts away as you and your family are welcomed into a cosy, characterful studio to enjoy a special, uninterrupted experience together.

Laughing, smiling, embracing – sharing in all those beautiful moments that make your family unique. Family photoshoots capture that unspoken magic between a mother and son, father and daughter, brother and sister. They capture the unbreakable love between a parent and their child, and the unique, complex connection that only siblings share.

I will work with your family as a group as well as capturing each member individually, giving everyone their own quiet moment in the spotlight.  You will be gently guided through the entire process, culminating in portraits that showcase the precious bond you all share.

How long do photoshoots take?

Family photoshoot sessions are designed to fit your busy schedule and can be tailored to suit your availability.

A full session generally takes around 2-3 hours, whereas mini-sessions are shorter at around 1h, and better suited to those who do not have extra time to spare. 

I always ensure to discuss timing requirements with my clients ahead of the shoot, enabling me to tailor your session precisely to your needs and requirements.

During a mini session, we will create a maximum of 8 portraits. You can view the finished images at the online or in-person reveal appointment approximately 2-3 weeks after the session. During this meeting, you can decide if you want to keep the 5 images option, or if you add on any more.

Where do the photoshoots take place?

Family photoshoots take place in my beautiful and characterful studio. The spacious layout paired with unique architecture and large windows bathe the studio in the decedent, ambient light. The classically designed interior provides the ultimate in comfort and style, ensuring every member of your family feels safe and secure throughout the photoshoot process.

The studio contains a wide range of furniture, props, and beautiful clothing in various sizes that can be brought into the photoshoot to add a touch of character.

There are kitchen and toilet facilities, as well as a changing area and a cozy seating area for you and any accompanying friends or family to rest and relax during your session.

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Who can be included in the Family Photoshoot ?

My goal is to capture the beautiful connection each member of your family shares, whatever size your family may be. We welcome parents, stepparents, children, stepchildren, grandparents, brothers, and sisters to share in this special experience together.

What happens during a Family Photoshoot session?      

All of the sessions include a pre-session online consultation, where we discuss the vision for the photoshoot, and any specific ideas or requirements you may have.

We then discuss styling options, clothing ideas, accessories, and colour palette, with all these elements influencing the mood and tone of the portraits.

We will work together to create a session plan, so you are fully informed and know what to expect when you arrive for your photoshoot.

During the session, my priority is always you and your family’s comfort. As a professional studio photographer, I fully understand that not everyone feels naturally in front of the camera.

Years of experience allow me to gently guide you through the session, so that every member of your family feels confident and looks their best, resulting in stunning, expressive images.

After the session is complete, I will select and carefully hand-edit the best images. After 2-3 approximately weeks, you will be invited back, or we meet online – for your reveal appointment, where you will be able to view your finished gallery.

A’la Carte products are available to add to the magic of your photoshoot.

Family Photoshoot Pricing


£ 399
  • 5 DIGITAL IMAGES (PRINTABLE TO 8"x10"/8"x12")
  • DIGITALS ONLY - prints are not included


£ 699
  • 10 DIGITAL IMAGES (PRINTABLE TO 8"x10"/8"x12")
Family Photoshoot Portrait Book - Portrait Photography - Paulina Duczman

I specialise not only in creating beautiful galleries, but also in delivering handmade, exquisite products, perfect wall art collections that will fit into your house interior and display the photographs in the highest quality.


• High Resolution Digital Image – print size 8″x10″ or 8″x12″ – £80

• High Resolution Digital Image – maximum size – £250

• Wall Arts start from £299 for 16″x24″ or 20″x24″ size

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Photography studio wall in Kettering, Northamptonshire - Paulina Duczmanart display

Celebrate your family

How often do we truly step back and take time to enjoy our own family, altogether? Often, family time seems reserved for special occasions – the excitement of birthdays, the golden warmth of holidays, cozy Christmas mornings sitting around the tree.

But your family’s bond is always there, always growing, always nurtured, but often left unspoken and undocumented. A family session experience allows you to truly step back and look at what makes your family yours, and capture the unconditional love you all share.

Allow me to create stunning, timeless, fine art images that perfectly articulate the beautiful bonds between a mother and daughter, the amazing relationships between father and son, and the special, unspoken partnership that only siblings share.

The perfect gift

A family photoshoot session provides the perfect opportunity for a unique and timeless gift for a partner, family member or friend.

Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary, Mother’s and Father’s Day, or just an opportunity to celebrate your beautiful family, family photoshoots can be arranged all year round and will provide you with exquisite, meticulously shot portraits that serve as a constant reminder of an unforgettable experience, and a beautiful moment together

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