Kettering, Northamptonshire

Sisters Family Portrait Photography - Kettering, Northamptonshire - Family Portrait Photography - Paulina Duczman

Blown away by the level of knowledge and skill . The studio was ready on our arrival and Paulina made 17 month Gracie so relaxed straight away so she was happy be there. The styling was beyond perfect for the backdrop and all 3 girls (15, 10 and 17 months) had group and individual images and were comfortable throughout. Paulina worked around what the youngest one was doing and interested in and the results were incredible. The shoot was done quickly and you can see the work that has been put into the images through Paulina’s knowledge and sent me THE MOST BEAUTIFUL pictures of my daughters ever. Thank you Paulina and i look forward to bringing them back x


We have been to a fair amount of photo shoots and I have to say Paulina is one of the most amazing, professional, kind and warming photographers we have come across. My 2 year old absoloutely adored her! Anyone would be super super lucky to have her as their Tutor. We had a truely amazing experience and she is absoloutely excellent at capturing those precious moments!


glamour full length family portrait of jewish family wearing black and white stylish clothing

As a client and a student of Paulina I cannot say enough about her. She is insanely talented, a true artist, and super professional. I will always treasure the photos she took of our family. I purchased her first ever online live class and the way she taught was so straightforward I was able to follow along well and apply the knowledge to my photos right away. It’s been a pleasure to meet her and learn from her. I look forward to learning from her again in the future.


Mommy & Baby Boy Photoshoot - Kettering, Northamptonshire - Paulina Duczman Photography

Most beautiful photographs that we have taken as a family. Paulina is extremely friendly and professional and makes the experience super enjoyable and fun. She is super talented and here photos says everything. Thank you for giving us such beautiful memories for life.


I will cherish forever the photos we had captured by Paulina. To say they are amazing is an understatement – they are exceptional! She managed to take the most beautiful family portrait for us – how she managed that I will never know as we have 4 young kids! I highly recommend her and have since booked a photoshoot for a friend as a gift as well.


Paulina is one of the most talented and fascinating fine art photographers I have ever had the pleasure of working with (as a model and as a client), her work is truly a masterpiece in which she imprints your soul and freezes you in time as the best and most elegant version of yourself.

My mum and I will never forget this experience and we both cherish the results from our photoshoot with Paulina as one of the most precious artistic pieces which will stay in our family for generations to come.

Thank you!

We had an amazing shoot with Paulina and I am in awe of the images she has produced. She followed my brief completely and I will definitely be using her services again.

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