Re-watch my live presentation on setting up, shooting and editing

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Description :

1. Presentation
I explain all the important elements that I use in my photography to achieve beautiful and impactful images.
Starting with Idea, Lighting, Composition, Styling and many more.

2. Sessions – One Light setup
Recorded LIVE sessions will teach you how I use Studio Lighting and Natural Window Light in two different setups such as :
* Rembrant lighting setup
* Butterfly lighting setup ( with and without reflector usage)
Covered :
* full body images and crops
* camera settings and angles
* how to perfectly position your studio lighting and how to perfectly use the window light.

3. Editing – 2 different images
* Camera Raw Adjustments
* Composition Adjustments
* My Portraiture settings
* My way of using Frequency Separation by hand ( no action )
* My way of using Dodge and Burn
* Colour adjustments
* Texture adjustments

4. Q&A – Live answered questions from the students participating in this Masterclass

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  1. Andy Smith-Dane

    Live masterclass was an amazing experience! I felt like I was in the same room with Paulina and models. Watching all the process from beginning to the end was very helpful, and helped me to understand a lot . Paulina is a true artist and doesn’t over complicate the way she works , she makes everything easy to understand. I loved watching her editing images. Everything she does is beautiful and very tasteful. She also answered all questions asked by participants which was great !
    If you’re a fine art lover and want to learn from masters she is the best one to learn from ! – Marta

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