As an established family photographer, my main goal is to create the highest quality portraits of you and your loved ones, capturing each detail, expression, and pose during your family photoshoot experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Photoshoots

Q: Do you photograph large families? Can I come with the grandparents/brother/sister/?

A: Absolutely. The family photoshoot can include all the close family members: parents, step-parents, children, step-children, grandparents, brothers, and sisters ( with their families). I understand that this type of photoshoot is a unique and memorable experience that you don’t repeat very often. I can comfortably photograph up to 12 people in one session. I always create a portrait gallery that consists of the most wanted and needed images that will show the love and bond between all the family members. There is no additional charge for large families.
Family Photoshoot - Family Portrait Photography - Paulina Duczman
boho style family photoshoot, mom and kids wearing white boho clothing, flower arch

Q: How long does a session last?

A: It all depends on the type of session booked. My mini photoshoot usually takes up to 1h, and my full session can last up to 2h (not including make-up and hairstyle ). I always make sure there is no rush during the session, that all the family members are relaxed and fully enjoy the experience. I will only finish the session once I am confident that I have all I planned for the shoot.

Q: What type of images will you create during the family photoshoot?

A: To plan the best photoshoot experience, I discuss with my client’s all their requirements during the online pre-session consultation (via zoom or via phone call). I carefully note the information about all the family members that will attend the session. During the session, I make sure I capture full-body images as well as closer portraits. I use furniture like ladders, posing stools, and sofas to create more variety within the gallery. I focus on the family as a whole as well as on each person individually. As a result, I give all the members their chance to shine. I want to showcase the immense love that parents have for their children and vice versa. Siblings have one of the most complex dynamics within the family. They are simultaneously best friends and companions, as well as rivals for their parent’s attention. This incredible and unique connection between brothers and sisters is often the longest-lasting relationship in our lives, and I intend to capture that special bond. Each family has got a unique bond, and the love they share should be celebrated and remembered.
Mommy & Me Photoshoot - Maternity Portrait Photography - Paulina Duczman

Q: How many images will you create?

A: I always make sure that I have a maximum of 15 different images from the session that will be later edited and presented at the viewing appointment.

Q: Can I see all the images?

A: After the photoshoot, I carefully choose the best 15 images only. I eliminate the ones with missed focus, bed expressions, light tests, and duplicates.

Q: Do I have to choose a specific collection when booking the session?

A: No, You don’t need to do that. After booking a full family photoshoot experience with me, I always create the maximum amount of images during each session. You can make your final decision at the reveal appointment after viewing your finished gallery. However, if my clients know which collection they prefer, it is always helpful to let me know as it allows me to plan the photoshoot in the best possible way.

Q: What should I wear for the session?

A: We discuss the styling options, clothing ideas, accessories, hairstyle and make-up, and the preferred colour palette – during the pre-session consultation. All those elements can influence the mood and the tone of the portraits; therefore, it is vital to review them in advance. A wide selection of gowns and dresses – both for adults and children – is available to use for the photoshoot.
Mommy & Me Photoshoot - Portrait Photography - Paulina Duczman
Family Photoshoot - Mum Dad & Children - Family Portrait Photography - Paulina Duczman

Q: I have never had a session before, and I don’t know how to pose. Is that ok?

A: Making my clients as comfortable and relaxed as possible during their sessions is my priority. I understand that not everyone is a natural in front of the camera. Because of my professional approach and excellent knowledge in posing, I carefully guide my clients so they always look their best.

Q: When/how can I see the images from our family photoshoot?

A: Finished portraits are presented online (via zoom) or in-person (in my studio) at the reveal appointment approximately 2-3 weeks after the photoshoot. This viewing is the first opportunity for my clients to see their finished gallery. Some clients travel a long distance for their portrait session and cannot return for the in-person viewing. If that happens, the online reveal appointment will be arranged as an alternative. The images chosen after the photoshoot are always of the highest quality and represent my clients in their best way. My editing is unique and consistent – I describe it as “the painterly style.” My clients should be familiar with my style before booking the photoshoot experience.

Q: Can I buy a print or framed artwork with you?

A: I specialise in creating beautiful galleries for my clients and delivering handmade, exquisite products.  Because of my professional experience, I can help my clients create the perfect wall art collections that will fit into their house interior and display the photographs in the highest quality. I always advise thinking about the wall that the portraits would be displayed and measuring the space correctly.  As a believer in finished, highest quality products, I decided to include the mounted fine art prints in all the collections available.
Mommy & Me Photoshoot Portraits - Maternity Portrait Photography - Paulina Duczman

Q: How do I book the session with you?

If you wish to book your session for the weekend – you can visit my ‘BOOK NOW’ page and check the availability over there.

If you think about the session during the week – please email me on contact@paulinaduczman.com to discuss the options.

To book your family photoshoot experience, I require a deposit of £99. This amount is later deducted from the final order – created at the reveal appointment.

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