I am a Fine Art Photographer - but what exactly is Fine Art Photography ?


The definition of ‘Fine Art Photography’ is often misunderstood.
With easy access to a vast range of photography equipment, we can become ‘a professional’ investing not much more than a few hundred pounds. Furthermore, we all have mobile phone cameras that we use every day. As a result, the barrier to entry photography world is lower than ever.
It today’s world everyone considers themselves ” A Photographer. ” Therefore, the perceived value of photography is going down. 
The average client has difficulty understanding how one photographer is any different from another. To sum up, there is not enough information about all the work that goes into creating a professional portrait that can truly be described as ‘Fine Art.

Mommy & Baby Photoshoot - Kettering, Northamptonshire - Paulina Duczman Photography


From the moment I started my photography journey, I knew that my heart belonged to artistic portrait photography. The raw images I created with my camera were my blank canvas.  I used them to express my ideas and visions of the final images. At that moment in time, I didn’t know what Fine Art Photography was. I  knew only that I didn’t want to photograph my subjects in a realistic or even photo-journalistic way. I wanted to show something more. Although the portraits I created were quite minimalistic, they were also very atmospheric and evocative. People were saying that I could capture my subject’s ‘soul’. Finally, I have decided that this was the only type of photography that I wanted to create for my clients.

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Five elements that define me as Fine Art Photographer

  • My Vision

In order to create a Fine Art Portraits, I need to develop an idea as well as the vision for the final image

  • My creative talent

I carefully plan all the details and think about all the other factors that could contribute to the creation of the final result

  • Technical skills

My technical skills and knowledge of using the camera settings and lighting equipment allow me to achieve a perfectly executed image.

  • Consistency

I am proud to be consistent across my whole body of work.

  • Creative Editing

In the last 5 years, I have managed to create and established my unique and artistic editing style

  • Message

I believe that there is a purpose to the photographs and a message that we, photographers, should deliver. In my photography, I often focus on my client’s eyes as they can reflect the powerful emotions and feelings.

afro American girl posing for her portrait wearing lavender top
sisters portrait boho fine art style fine art photography


Those who book the portrait session with me can see and appreciate the Fine Art difference.
Those clients have an understanding as well as respect for the creative process and skills required to create those images.
They appreciate the beauty and the subtleties in the composition, the quality of handmade canvases and backdrops, the correct lighting techniques, as well as flattering posing. Moreover, they understand what goes into creative styling and artistic editing.
These perfect clients understand that Fine Art Photography is an investment in high quality, bespoke, and timeless portraits.

The message behind my portraits.

One night, somewhere in the 2nd year of being a photographer I had a dream. I dreamt about hundreds of ravens flying above my head. The dream was so intense and realistic that when I woke up I remembered all the details and emotions from it.

I wanted to find out what was the meaning of my dream. I read that raven was a symbol of a connection between spirituality and reality. In that moment I realised that my destiny wasn’t only to be a photographer, but also a messenger. My main goal was to capture a pure, intense, soulful emotions that would connect my subject with the viewers. My Fine Art Portraits were my spirituality and my viewers – the reality.

That was when I created my first Fine Art Portrait about the Raven and I titled it “Raven – The Messenger”.

This Portrait made me the Best International Fine Art Photographer of the Year 2017 by Rangefinder and won Overall Photographer of the Year 2018 in International print competition by SWPP. 

The conclusion

Fine Art Photographer is an artist who uses photography as a medium for creative expression. 
Many photography genres can be described as ‘Fine Art’ e.g. Landscape photography, Still life photography, Abstract Photography, Food Photography. As a matter of fact, any photography genre can be ‘Fine Art’ as long as the author’s primary goal is to express the personal vision, form an idea, deliver a message or evoke emotions.’

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