LONDON Children Fine Art Photography MASTERCLASS

5th June 2018

I am still amazed.. few hours after workshop and I can’t stop thinking about it. I learnt so much. Paulina is not only a master class photographer she is an artist, an intuitive creator, teacher, tutor and a mentor. Simply really nice human being, very kind and attentive to every single one participiant. She made sure she would check on everyone progress, she would answer every question, I am very surprised how generous she is and responsible. . Somehow she put all on ease, explain well and act upon all, then you as a participant have a chance to follow her footstep and create an amazing image and have a feel how to do it. Endless chances to improve it and understand the process. Then just go and try it on on your own. We had an amazing day together, amazing models, amazing tuition and so much shooting (4 setups). We could follow Paulia’s editing skills watching her while she edited 2 images. Again she was so generous as she gives from heart because she cares….. Paulina will stay in my heart for ever, today I understood why her images are so beautiful and how much she loves her job. THANK YOU fo making my photography world upside down !!!!!


Kirby Hall Kettering workshop

30th May 2018

Wow! What can I say Just spent two days with Paulina, not only is she just the most friendliest lady but a true professional in her photography and the way she teaches. I feel so lucky that I have had the chance to be tutored by Paulina, it’s made me eager to push forward with my photography now I’ve gained the knowledge that she has given me.

Sue Riddle

Paulina's Photography and Workshops

22nd May 2018

I attended the workshop in Sydney which was really well organised. We photographed two models and Paulina was able to teach us exactly how to capture good lighting and how to edit the photographs afterwards. Even though I studied photography full time for one year, I think she taught me more useful skills in one day than what I have learnt in many, many years. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and skills with us! Such a good investment of money, so … if you were thinking about doing a workshop, or having your photo taken with Paulina but weren’t sure, I would say go right ahead. You will not be sorry!

Cheryl Thompson

Inspirational Workshop

19th February 2018

I was fortunate enough to spend the day with Paulina and feel incredibly grateful that she was willing to share so much truthful knowledge with her students. When Paulina says that she will give you 100{ad09a337efcfe85b077e8830309b570a3f557ed1e24d75ecfd50ae0e3499b20c} of herself to you, she really means it and it is clear to see that she is passionately in love with her craft, and that shines through in the incredible portraits that she is able to capture. Paulina is not just a naturally talented photographic artist, she is an incredible teacher/mentor who selflessly shares her knowledge in a friendly, clear and precise way encouraging her students to have the confidence to develop their own individual photographic style. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone wishing to find the magic <3

Julie Adams

Gran profesional

3rd February 2018

Enamorada de sus fotografías, sencillas pero a la misma vez cargadas de sentimientos, sensaciones, aromas, dulzura y tacto.

Marga Marrero

learnt so much

29th January 2018

Paulina is a great teacher & I can highly recommend her 1-2-1 training. She has a great eye for detail, and is a natural at perfectly posing her subjects. There is a big difference between the work I produced before her workshop, to the work I can produce now. Its really incredible to see how she creates her absolutely stunning work!


Works from the heart ❣

28th January 2018

Paulina captures images in such a subtle way . Chloe instantly feels at ease with her and the connection between the two of them is incredible. So gentle and thoughtful with an eye for perfection and the talent to create a work of art


Amazing photographer with a great eye for detail

28th January 2018

Two of my children have shot for Paulina, wow what can I Say, stunning photos! Great directing the children, she knows exactly what looks to achieve. Highly recommended!


Fabulous individual style

28th January 2018

I have been following your work for ages now, Paulina, it blows me away by its elegance and simplicity. That’s not to say simple to achieve, anyone with a modicum of photography knowledge, appreciates how difficult it is to make portraits this beautiful with such stunning light. I am trying to get my diary sorted in order to train with you this year….! ????????

Lesley-Jane Carruthers

One to one workshop - mind blown!

28th January 2018

I can honestly say this was worth every penny and more. Paulina had inspired me long before I actually attended this, and spending the day working with her has completely changed my mindset. The practical side of this was amazing but I got so much more than that from Paulina…she blows your mind with possibility! I left the session and made the immediate switch to IPS because for the first time I could actually see the value of my worth. I stopped seeing what I did as taking pictures but as creating art…I had seen that before but I didn’t truly believe it. Paulina gave me confidence, belief and a lot of knowledge! I spent every last penny I had on this course but I know I will reap that ten fold! I can’t recommend this lady enough…thank you so much Paulina.

Nicola Harrison

Fine art Children's portraiture training

28th January 2018

Revolutionised my mind and invigorated me, giving me the confidence to start creating images I love. A wonderful weekend surrounded by wonderful people. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Clare Evans

First class mentor!

28th January 2018

I had the pleasure of 1-2-1 mentoring with Paulina. It was superb, nothing was left out, a real insight into how she creates her stunning images. It was exactly what I was looking for and now have the skills to start my own journey. Hands down the best training I’ve had. What a gift, thank you ♥️

Daniel McLean


28th January 2018

Absolutely loooove your work Paulina!!! Inspiring and beautiful !


My Muse

28th January 2018

Paulina, is not just some “talented photographer”!!!! She is a true artist with a paint brush in the form of a camera! The way she captures her subjects, the wave of emotions that I get from seeing her work…I don’t even need to go to any incredible art galleries when I can just visit Paulina’s portfolio! ~Inspired photographer

Rimma Rivera Photography

Gorgeous portraits

28th January 2018

Really adore paulina’s work. Simply elegant and amazing. One of the best Portrait photographers in the world. Big fan 🙂

David Wagelmans

Incredible talent!

28th January 2018

Pauline is incredibly talented and a huge inspiration to many. I love seeing her work and you can feel the passion and excellence Pauline successfully strives for and achieves.

Shelley Ricci

A creative craftswoman

28th January 2018

I came across Paulina’s work on the net and her images are so eye catching that you cannot scroll past them, but have to stop and appreciate the beauty of her work and the way she captures her subject! Can’t wait until she comes to Australia in May this year!

Cheryl Thompson

The Best ????

27th January 2018

Paulina is an incredibly talented and inspiring photographer. We were very fortunate to shoot with her in her studio in Kettering. She was very welcoming and made us feel at complete ease. I have to say she is the best photographer we have ever worked with ????

Jodie Daley

An incredible artist

27th January 2018

I came across Paulina’s incredible work online and have been awed by her incredible artistry. She’s truly an inspiration and as a fellow photog has truly set the benchmark for creative child portraiture super high! Keep producing your wonderful works of art!

Amani Ismail

I’m speechless!

27th January 2018

I discovered your amazing work through a mutual friend. Your portraits are simply breathtaking. If only I had found you when my now adult sons were children! Looking forward to the day I have grandchildren for you to photograph! I been busy sharing your posts and work with family and friends.

Steph K


27th January 2018

I’ve been following your work for a while now and every time I see your posts, I stop my scroll – each image makes me feel warm inside! You are amazing and shoukd be so proud of your achievements!!


One of my favorite portrait photographer

27th January 2018

Paulina is one of the best portrait photographers I have seen, and her photos are amazing! She is able to capture people from a different perspective that allows their beauties to shine. I take a lot of landscape and nature photos, which is very different from portraits, but her work and style has inspired me on my landscape photos.

Wenson Fung

What an inspiring photographer!

27th January 2018

From one tog this another, I wish I had your skills and vision. You are incredible. 10/10!

Hannah Price

Incredible Artist!

27th January 2018

She is everything I aspire to be, her vision, her art, her execution. It is truly something to behold. I would love to have this skill one day.


Truly Outstanding Photographer

27th January 2018

Wonderful Work Paulina !!! The way and speed with which Paulina Duczman progress in the field of photography is exceptional! At this rate, it’s hard to imagine where you will be next year … # World Class Photographer !

Gosia Plichta


27th January 2018

The magic of your photos just moves me into better world. It’s like a good book 🙂



27th January 2018

Every single picture is a piece of art… I’m sure that she puts every bit of herself into work. You can see it, you can feel it… hold my breath with every new one…love her work ❤❤❤

Agnieszka Jaskulska


27th January 2018

Sienna Maicie had an amazing time at her photoshoot with Paulina. The studio was light and airy, a lovely area for the shoot. Paulina was very friendly and put Sienna at ease as soon as we arrived. Paulina’s styling was creative and imaginative the result was amazing. We would not hesitate to recommend Paulina and would love to work with her again if the chance arose.????

Marie Evans

Truely inspirational

27th January 2018

Paulina’s work literally makes me stop and stare, and as a portrait photographer myself, not a lot of images can do that any more! Paulina – you inspire me to push harder and break down the barriers that are stunting my own creativity. Thank you. X


Amazing photographer. In love with your work

27th January 2018

Amazing photographer. In love with your work <3

Sylwia Vic

fine art portrait

27th January 2018

Master’s skills, amazing art


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