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Maternity Photography Portrait - Kettering, Northamptonshire - Paulina Duczman Photography
Maternity Photography - Portrait Photography - Paulina Duczman

For some of us, it was an easy – for others, it was a long, strenuous journey. But you’ve done it, you’ve taken your first steps into the amazing experience of motherhood, and what better way to celebrate than with a maternity photoshoot, capturing all of the beauty and emotion that comes with pregnancy?

As a mother of 3 kids myself, I know very well how quickly your pregnancy time can go by and before you blink, your precious baby is in your arms.

Take a moment to pause and capture the unrivaled beauty of pregnancy, expertly captured to create stunning, bespoke memories that you will treasure forever.

Maternity photography sessions are created to give you an experience unlike any other, documenting an exciting time in your life that words alone are often unable to describe.

What is a Maternity photoshoot ?

A maternity photoshoot allows you to take a moment to enjoy and capture the beautiful connection you and your bump already share. You can choose to bask in that moment alone, or you can celebrate your pregnancy with your partner, children or other family members.

Pregnancy is but a fleeting moment in our baby’s development and is often only captured through occasional smartphone images. Preserve a stunning moment and forever remember one of the most precious times in our lives through bespoke, fine art photographs that you can treasure forever.

How long do the photoshoots take ?

Maternity sessions are designed to fit your busy schedule and can be tailored to suit your availability.

A full session generally takes around 3 hours, whereas mini-sessions are shorter at around 1-2 h, and better suited to those who do not have extra time to spare. 

I always ensure to discuss timing requirements with my clients ahead of the shoots, enabling me to tailor our session precisely to your needs and requirements.

During a mini session, we will create a maximum of 8 portraits. You can view the finished images at the online or in-person reveal appointment approximately 2-3 weeks after the session. During this meeting, you can decide if you want to keep the 3 images option, or if you want to upgrade to 5 or 8 portraits.

Where do the photoshoots take place?

Maternity photoshoots take place in my beautiful and characterful studio. The spacious layout paired with unique architecture and large windows bathe the studio in decedent, ambient light. The classically designed interior provides the ultimate in comfort and style, ensuring you feel safe and secure throughout the photoshoot process.

My studio contains a wide range of furniture, props and beautiful clothing in various sizes that can be brought into the photoshoot to add a touch of character.

There are kitchen and toilet facilities, as well as a changing area and a cozy seating area for you and any accompanying friends or family to rest and relax during your session.

Photography Studio Lighting - Kettering, Northamptonshire - Paulina Duczman Photography
Photography Studio 1 Experience Kettering, Northamptonshire - Paulina Duczman Photography
Various Wall Art Photography - Kettering, Northamptonshire - Paulina Duczman Photography
Photoshoot Experience Props - Photography Studio in Kettering, Northamptonshire - Paulina Duczman

When should I book a Maternity photoshoot ?

I recommend that you book your pregnancy photoshoot between 32 and 36 weeks, when your beautiful bump is visible, and you are still comfortable to move and pose.

Can my family also join my Maternity photoshoot ?

My goal is to capture the beautiful bond you and your bump share, as well as the pure emotions and love involved in pregnancy. However, you are more than welcome to include your partner, children or wider family in your maternity photoshoot experience should you choose to. 

What happens during a Maternity session?

All of my sessions include a pre-session consultation, where we can discuss our vision for the photoshoot, and any specific ideas or requirements you may have.

We then discuss styling options, clothing ideas, accessories and choose a colour palette, with all these elements influencing the mood and tone of the portraits.

We will work together to create a session plan, so you are fully informed and know what to expect when you arrive for your photoshoot.

During the session, my priority is always your comfort. As a professional photographer, I fully understand that not everyone feels naturally at home in front of the camera.

My many years of experience allow me gently guide you through the session, so you feel fully confident and look your absolute best, resulting in stunning, expressive images that expertly capture you and your bump’s unique and precious bond.

After the session is complete, I will select and carefully hand-edit the best images. After 2-3 approximately weeks, you will be invited back for your reveal appointment – your first opportunity to see your finished gallery.

If you are not able to attend an in-person viewing, an online reveal appointment will be arranged.

A’la Carte products are available to add to the magic of your photoshoot, with luxury 11” x 14” handmade folio boxes, Fine Art prints and a wide selection of the highest quality wall art and frames available.



£ 299
  • 3 DIGITAL IMAGES (print size 8"x12" or 8"x10")


£ 399
  • 5 DIGITAL IMAGES (print size 8"x12" or 8"x10")
Family Photoshoot Portrait Book - Portrait Photography - Paulina Duczman

We specialise not only in creating beautiful galleries for our clients but also in delivering handmade, exquisite products.

Because of our professional experience, we can help our clients to create the perfect wall art collections that will fit into their house interior and display the photographs in the highest quality.


  • High Resolution Digital Image – print size 8″x10″ or 8″x12″ – £80
  • High Resolution Digital Image – maximum size – £150
  • Prints start from £50 for 8″x12″ or 8″x10″ size
  • Wall Arts start from £350 for 16″x24″ or 20″x24″ size
  • Luxury Folio Box size 11″x14″ with Crystal USB stick ( fits 15 Fine Art Mounted Prints) perfect addition to Portrait Collection III – £350
Mommy & Me Photoshoot Portraits - Maternity Portrait Photography - Paulina Duczman
Photography studio wall in Kettering, Northamptonshire - Paulina Duczmanart display

Celebrate motherhood

The precious bond between a mother and their child starts long before they are in your arms. Pregnancy can be as tough as it is magical, so it is important to look back and remember the journey to becoming a mother, taking a moment to celebrate your own strength and the unconditional love you and your bump share.

Document the special moments that exist only in pregnancy with an unforgettable maternity photoshoot experience that encapsulates a brief time in both your lives with timeless, one-of-a-kind portraits.

A perfect gift

Maternity photoshoots are a perfect gift for yourself, but also make amazing gifts for partners, other family members or friends to help them capture a stunning moment in time.

Maternity photoshoots can be arranged all year round and are the perfect way to celebrate any occasion, with exquisite, meticulously shot portraits that serve as a constant reminder of an unforgettable experience.

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