Mommy and Me Photoshoot Experience

Mother & Two Daughters Portrait - Mommy & Me Photoshoot Experience - Paulina Duczman Photography

MOMMY & ME PHOTO SHOOT EXPERIENCE with Paulina Duczman in Kettering, Northamptonshire Mothers and children share an unspoken bond – a feeling of trust, comfort and unconditional love. As a mother myself, I understand that bond all too well. I also understand how fleeting childhood seems – one moment your baby is sleeping soundly in […]

What to Expect from a Family Photoshoot Experience

boho style family photoshoot, mom and kids wearing white boho clothing, flower arch

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A FAMILY PHOTOSHOOT EXPERIENCE WITH PAULINA DUCZMAN? As an established family photographer, my main goal is to create the highest quality portraits of you and your loved ones, capturing each detail, expression, and pose during your family photoshoot experience. Frequently Asked Questions About Family Photoshoots Q: Do you photograph large families? […]

Introducing portrait lighting techniques – master Rembrandt lighting and more…

black and white portrait of Afro American girl sitting on a chair created with Rembrandt studio light set up

Rembrandt and other lighting techniques. Firstly, it is crucial to understand that there is nothing like ”the best lighting technique for portrait photography”. Each lighting setup creates a different effect, tells a different story, and evokes different emotions.Whichever one you decide to use, you need to make sure it will be right for the image […]

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